Some of the most important factors in selling a home are price and condition. The proper pricing begins with a competitive market analysis, or CMA, of comparable homes in your neighborhood, and a firm grasp on market trends and economic factors.

Next it is imperative that you have a realistic idea of your home’s condition. Going through the house to see if there are any cosmetic or structural defects that can be repaired will help you fetch top dollar for your home. Staging can also be helpful by inspiring the buyer to imagine your space fitting their personal needs and tastes.

Another factor is marketing. It is vital that the home gets the exposure it deserves through open houses, broker open houses, advertising, great signage, listing on the local multiple listing service, and a full internet campaign.

There are two methods many people use to determine their homes value, an appraisal and CMA.

Appraisals vary in cost, but are about $500 for a single family home and more on multi-family dwellings. Appraisers review numerous factors and base information on recent sales of similar properties, their location, square footage, construction quality, lot size and amenities such as pools, gyms, etc.

A CMA on the other hand is an informal estimate of market value performed by a Realtor or broker. It is based on recent sales and listings that will compete with your property that are similar in size, condition, style and location. A range of factors will be determined to provide a reasonable estimate of market value. 

The way you live in a home and the way you sell a house are two very different things. First and foremost, "de-clutter" counter tops, walls and rooms. Too many "things" and strong stylistic choices make it difficult for the buyer to see their possessions in your home; however don't strip everything completely or it will appear stark and inhospitable. Then clean and make sure all rooms, furnishings, floors, walls and ceilings are attractive. It's especially important that the bathroom and kitchen are spotless. Organize closets. Make sure the basic fixtures work and are repaired. The house must smell good. Hide the kitty litter, and possibly put fresh flowers throughout the house. Pleasant background music is also a nice touch.

The second important thing to consider is "curb appeal." People driving by a property will judge it from outside appearances and make a decision then as to whether or not they want to see the inside. Sweep the sidewalk, mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and clean debris from the yard. Clean the windows (both inside and out) and make sure the paint is not chipped or flaking. Also make sure that the doorbell works.

You don't! People feel very uncomfortable when they are in the presence of the seller. Homes that fit a buyer's exact criteria can be passed up because the buyer didn't want to interact with the seller. It causes negative feelings that may be impossible to overlook. Not only that, the seller may become offended by the comments made by buyers and turn down a great offer for personal reasons.  Give all of the parties space in the transaction.  Hire a professional to show the home in its best light: try Reds on Rodeo for the best results.

Reds on Rodeo and Rodeo Realty create a custom marketing plan to sell your home. This will be a systematic plan based on proven successful results. Of course, sellers’ goals and each home are unique and require different approaches. For a better idea of how Reds on Rodeo can work to sell your home contact us at (310) 948-9000.